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The Kames Muster on the weekend of 17/18 June went well, albeit the quiz was reported to be a wee bit difficult.

Except for the Randanians, who won it with a very good score.

  • Kames 1701
  • Kames 1702
  • Kames 1703
  • Kames 1704
  • Kames 1705
  • Kames 1706
  • Kames 1707
  • Kames 1708
  • Kames 1709
  • Kames 1710
  • Kames 1711
  • Kames 1712
  • Kames 1714
  • Kames 1715
  • Kames 1716
  • Kames 1717
  • Kames 1718
  • Kames 1719
  • Kames 1720

The meal was excellent with three choices of main and two deserts with ample for seconds and indeed thirds for some. The numbers were 53 at the finish up, with 17 boats, so it was a reasonable turnout, considering the general blustery weather forecast during the preceding week.

Only 7 boats raced. Two in class 1 and five in class 4 on the Saturday. Only four in class 4 raced on Sunday with no Class 1.

The Saturday race was slow to get going due to lack of wind but it picked up near to Inchmarnock, and the boats had a great joust to the line at Kames. Sunday was a really slow day with wind never getting above 6 knots, with a couple of holes that everyone seemed to find. In class 4 it was a dead heat between Suilvan and Breagha on the water for line honours, but both were caught by Rusty Nail on handicap. The race was shortened at Toward.


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