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NEWS RELEASE on behalf of the SSI Board.


As a result of a challenging financial environment, the board of directors of The Scottish Sailing Institute (SSI) has agreed to merge the SSI with the sportscotland National Centre Cumbrae in order to sustain a Scotland wide event resource for the future.  The new arrangements will ensure the SSI continues to work closely with RYA Scotland, clubs and classes to provide world class event support through out Scotland.

Utilising the marketing support available through Inverclyde and RYA Scotland, the SSI will continue to seek to bring sailing events to Scotland making the most of Scotland’s naturally varied locations and the world class championship facilities in Largs.

Continued support will include race management training, event consultancy and physical resources to enable clubs all across Scotland to benefit from the world class water sports event management experience held within the SSI. Coordination of race management training will be undertaken by RYA Scotland and will enable more courses to be delivered across Scotland. The physical resources will be accommodated by sportscotland in its facilities at Cumbrae & Inverclyde, in Largs and will be available for hire in 2017.

Further details on how to access the support and resources available will be found on the Cumbrae Website in 2017. www.nationalcentrecumbrae.org.uk

The SSI Board is confident that these changes will secure the skills, experience and resources of the SSI for the future and will ensure Scotland continues to attract events to our shores.




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Ronnie and Anne Forrest have recently passed through the Crinan Canal, and have sent in this report for your information.

'YOT Spot' are based in Ardrishaig, and offer a variety of services to yachtsmen. The most important service we used was the assisted passage as outlined on the last page of their document which is attached. This replaces the Scottish Canals assisted passage service which has been withdrawn and will not  operate in 2016. See the note from the Scottish Canal website below. The price has been reduced accordingly.

'' From the start of the season the licence fee for the Crinan Canal will be reduced to £11.95 per metre (£9.32p.m. for the return passage).

This change in pricing is a direct response to boater feedback and follows a decision by Scottish Canals to no longer provide the Crinan assisted passage scheme. The new rate has been set in-line with pre-assisted passage rates charged.''

We used the YOT Spot assisted passage service, once shared and once individually, and the staff provided were fit young people, equipped with bikes who dealt with all the shore side issues from taking lines to operating the locks and ensuring the next lock was available immediately if at all possible allowing for boats travelling in the opposite direction.. The reduction in fatigue and the removal of the stress of doing all the work was well worth the cost of the service. At £42 if you can share with a friend , It is particularly good value.

 If anyone wants to know more Anne or I shall be delighted to provide details, but Lizzie at YOT Spot sorts it all with a few hours notice.




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