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Scottish Canals 2020 Operating Hours

Dear customer,

As a valued user of our canals, we are writing to let you know of our operating hours across Scotland’s canals in the coming 2020 season. There have been some changes made across the network and we would ask that you use our guides to help plan any trips along our canals this season.
We are also delighted to share with you that an online transit booking system will be in place throughout the 2020 season. This will allow you to book short-term licenses in advance on our website. More details on this and how to book, will be shared very soon.

Caledonian Canal

We have adjusted our operating hours for 2020, ensuring the length of our operating season is maintained and that we continue to offer a seven day a week operation from April to October. The length of the operating day has been reduced at the majority of locations throughout the season and we will extend mobile working in the shoulder months of spring and autumn, rather than permanently staffing each lock and bridge, when there is less demand.

The operating hours for the 2020 season are as noted below:

Spring                   Mon 30th March – Sunday 3rd May                            7 days                   0900 – 1700*    

Summer               Monday 4th May – Sunday 6th September                7 days                   0900 – 1730**

Autumn                Monday 7th September – Friday 30th October         7 days                   0900 – 1700*

*Fort Augustus flight & Corpach Sea Lock 0830 – 1730  Clachnaharry Sea Lock 0830 – 1700

**Fort Augustus flight & both Sea Locks 0800 – 1800

You can also refer to our operating hours on the Plan Your Trip section of our website.

Crinan Canal

The Crinan Canal continues to operate on a seasonal basis which involves seven day a week operation in peak season, Monday to Saturday during spring and autumn, and Monday to Friday during winter months.

The 2020 operating hours are as follows:

Spring                   Monday 2nd March – Sunday 19th April                    Mon-Fri                08:30 – 16:30*

Summer               Monday 20th April – Sunday 4th October                 7 days                   08:30 – 17:30

Last lock in summer season will be 17:00

*Please refer to our website timetable for changes and extended operating dates over the Easter holiday period

Lowland Canals

Following a public consultation in 2019, we have reviewed our operating model on the Lowland Canals. As such we have made some changes on the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals, which include the introduction of Phase 1 of user operations, which sees boaters being trained to use bridges in Glasgow and Edinburgh city centres. Further information on the outcome of the consultation can be found here.

The operating hours on our Lowland Canals for the 2020 season, as well as details of our scheduled services operations, can be found on our website here.

On the days and times that are highlighted green on the timetable, a member of staff will be available to provide the range of customer services at that location.


We encourage customers to look to the customer hub on our website regularly for updates and information which might be useful, and also to look at our canal works pages, to allow you to plan appropriately for your trip.


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