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Due to the continued exceptionally dry period of weather, and the impact on water resource on the Crinan reservoirs, please be advised of the following:

Vessels with Deep Draught: With effect from close of business on Friday 31st May, and until advised otherwise, we are unable to offer passage to vessels with a FRESH WATER draught over 2.1m.

In addition to this, Scottish Canals would ask that those on passage conserve water by sharing locks with others.

In particular we would ask that you maintain groups on the flights between locks 5 and 13 so that we may minimise the water drawn from the summit reach.

We may be required to hold single vessels for a short period to make effective use of the lock. Where a single craft “splits” from a group that vessel may also be held for a period to join another locking.

We also request that no boats stop overnight between locks 5 and 8 or between 11 and 13. This enables us to adjust water levels as necessary in the early morning or late at night with minimum disruption to visitors.

We will endeavour not to cause undue delay and hope that your support and co-operation, for which we would thank you, will help us maintain levels of service throughout the summer period.

Donna Mallan
Customer Operations Manager
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel:   01463 725 533  (DD: 5433)
Mob: +447711796331


KIP Pursuit Races - Series 1

What a great start to the season for our Kip Members last week.

Fair winds on a lovely night and 6 boats started and finished.

The first course of the season was "A" with revised start times taking some advantage away from bigger faster boats.

First across the finish line was new member John Aikman in Expresso, so well done John and welcome to the club and pursuit races at Kip.

Second was Breagha closely followed by Clyde Calypso and Prospero, bringing up the rear was Devil's Aye and De-Ja-Vue. Second to fourth were only a minute or so apart showing that the revised handicaps are working quite well so far.

A good night was enjoyed by all and the banter in the bar afterwards was flowing well.

Have a great season and see you all next week.

Norman Cowie

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