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  Dinner Dance and Prize Giving

                                 Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow – 4 November 2017

        Advanced Menu Selections. To be passed to Robbie Briggs by 21st October latest.


         Cream of Asparagus & Leek Soup with Ciabatta Croutons


      Warm Tart of Roasted Vegetables, Smoked Arran Cheese,

                  Sun Blushed Tomatoes, Fine Herb Salad


       Money Purse of Haggis Neaps an’ Tatties, with a Thyme and

                                           Whisky Cream Sauce



    Grilled Salmon Fillet in a Fennel, Garlic, Parsley and Lemon Butter


  Pan Seared Herb Crusted Breast of Chicken, Olive Oil & Chive Mash,

       Glazed Carrots, Broccoli with a White Wine Cream Sauce


Breast of Chicken with a Sun Blushed Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Mousse

              Grain Mustard Crushed Potatoes, Broccoli, Glazed Roasted Carrots,

                                        Tomato & Paprika Cream Sauce


Roast Loin of Pork & Glazed Apple, Cabbage Mash, Fine Green Beans,

                                Glazed carrots with a Cider Roast Jus


                                         Vegetarian Main Course

Pan Seared Herb, Sun Blushed Tomato and Roasted Vegetable polenta cake with    

Roasted Vegetables, Edamame Beans, Tomato and Basil Sauce Roast Vine Tomatoes and Crispy Rocket



                                           Sticky Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream


          Chocolate Truffle Torte, with Strawberry Puree


                                   Passion Fruit & Mango Cheesecake, Mango Puree


No 61/17


Mariners are advised that a charity swim is taking place on Sunday 24th September 2017 between Cumbrae and Largs.  The swim departs from the Sport Scotland National Centre Cumbrae, crossing the Largs Channel to Largs Sailing Club slipway.  Should there be a strong easterly wind an alternative return route departing Largs Sailing Club heading north along the shore towards Cairnies Quay to the south of Castle Bay will be used.  The course will be marked by a series of temporary gates.

Swimmers are expected to enter the water around 1430hrs and the event is expected to take up to two hours.  Support for the participants will be provided by safety boats and kayaks who will be working on M2 (p4 Icom) with channel M1 (37a Icom) as a fallback.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in this area.  For further information contact Estuary Radio (0151-949 6651 or VHF 12.

This year's Autumn Points Series starts on 24 September. Please note the major change in venue order.

This year, the first three Sundays are at Largs, and the second three at Kip.

As usual, everyone should send in an entry form, but those members who have paid the FYC £50 Race Fee do not pay an entry fee.

All others must dig deep and pay £10 entry fee! Good value or what?




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