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UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) and Fairlie Yacht Club Activiites

19 March 2020

The Fairlie Yacht Club Committee is aware of the on-going concerns of Club Members regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and has been monitoring the advice being given by the Westminster Government, Scottish Government and NHS Scotland.

To this end, on Monday 16th March it was highlighted that “everyone in the UK should now avoid non-essential travel and contact with others”.

The wellbeing, health and safety of all members and the general public is a priority for FYC and we are aware that a number of Members have already entered a phase of self-isolation as advised by the government.

Club Activity

At present, the position of FYC is to help support an informed view for members to make their own decisions as to whether their sailing activities, on and off the water, should continue at this time.

On the advice provided earlier last week, FYC would urge all Members to critically reflect on the continuation of sailing activities until such time as the current virus outbreak is viewed as being over and further official guidance is received from appropriate sources.

Active Scotland has confirmed that the current advice and guidance is still very relevant, whereby people can reduce the risk of acquiring and spreading respiratory infections by practicing good hygiene, such as:

  • Avoiding direct hand contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Maintaining good hand hygiene.
  • Washing hands with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser, after coughing or sneezing, after going to the toilet, and prior to eating and drinking.
  • Avoiding direct contact with people that have a respiratory illness and not using their personal items such as their mobile phone.
  • Covering their nose and mouth with disposable tissues when coughing or sneezing and disposing of them in the nearest waste bin after use.

Anyone with flu-symptoms should avoid the risk of spreading their infection, whatever that infection may be, by staying at home and recovering.

Musters and Passage Races

The Scottish First Minister made an announcement on 12 March 2020 that from 16 March, mass events should not take place, in light of their potential impact on public services. This was followed by official notification from the Active Scotland Division (Scottish Government), along with a statement that further measures may be taken as the situation develops.

Taking into consideration the above information received from Scottish Government, the scheduled Muster and Passage Race to Holy Loch on the 25th April is now postponed until such times as official advice changes. Subsequent Musters and Passage Races will be assessed on a month by month basis.

Midweek Racing

With the announcements made on the 16th March and the clear focus now on ‘social distancing’ contained within those messages, the FYC racing schedule for 2020 is now under review until such times as official advice changes.

Consequently, the first series of Tuesday Points Races at Fairlie, from Tuesday 21st April and the first series of Kip Pursuit Races from Wednesday 29th April are cancelled. A decision on the second series of these races will be made in May.

Social Gatherings 

The proposed visit to the Silvers Yard in Rosneath is postponed until next winter.

The proposed diesel maintenance course is postponed until the current restriction on social movement is lifted.

Further Considerations

Fairlie Yacht Club will continue to review its planned future activities until further clarity is provided by the Scottish Government and will be communicating further with those affected. In the meantime please continue to follow the official advice coming out of the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland and make use of their online resources for up to date information about Coronavirus.


This continues to be an on-going and fast moving situation and as such any guidance and advice will be subject to further review and recommendations from the Scottish Government or NHS Scotland.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

Graeme Randall










Scottish Canals 2020 Operating Hours

Dear customer,

As a valued user of our canals, we are writing to let you know of our operating hours across Scotland’s canals in the coming 2020 season. There have been some changes made across the network and we would ask that you use our guides to help plan any trips along our canals this season.
We are also delighted to share with you that an online transit booking system will be in place throughout the 2020 season. This will allow you to book short-term licenses in advance on our website. More details on this and how to book, will be shared very soon.

Caledonian Canal

We have adjusted our operating hours for 2020, ensuring the length of our operating season is maintained and that we continue to offer a seven day a week operation from April to October. The length of the operating day has been reduced at the majority of locations throughout the season and we will extend mobile working in the shoulder months of spring and autumn, rather than permanently staffing each lock and bridge, when there is less demand.

The operating hours for the 2020 season are as noted below:

Spring                   Mon 30th March – Sunday 3rd May                            7 days                   0900 – 1700*    

Summer               Monday 4th May – Sunday 6th September                7 days                   0900 – 1730**

Autumn                Monday 7th September – Friday 30th October         7 days                   0900 – 1700*

*Fort Augustus flight & Corpach Sea Lock 0830 – 1730  Clachnaharry Sea Lock 0830 – 1700

**Fort Augustus flight & both Sea Locks 0800 – 1800

You can also refer to our operating hours on the Plan Your Trip section of our website.

Crinan Canal

The Crinan Canal continues to operate on a seasonal basis which involves seven day a week operation in peak season, Monday to Saturday during spring and autumn, and Monday to Friday during winter months.

The 2020 operating hours are as follows:

Spring                   Monday 2nd March – Sunday 19th April                    Mon-Fri                08:30 – 16:30*

Summer               Monday 20th April – Sunday 4th October                 7 days                   08:30 – 17:30

Last lock in summer season will be 17:00

*Please refer to our website timetable for changes and extended operating dates over the Easter holiday period

Lowland Canals

Following a public consultation in 2019, we have reviewed our operating model on the Lowland Canals. As such we have made some changes on the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals, which include the introduction of Phase 1 of user operations, which sees boaters being trained to use bridges in Glasgow and Edinburgh city centres. Further information on the outcome of the consultation can be found here.

The operating hours on our Lowland Canals for the 2020 season, as well as details of our scheduled services operations, can be found on our website here.

On the days and times that are highlighted green on the timetable, a member of staff will be available to provide the range of customer services at that location.


We encourage customers to look to the customer hub on our website regularly for updates and information which might be useful, and also to look at our canal works pages, to allow you to plan appropriately for your trip.


Following the postponement of the race on Thursday 2nd due to strong winds, the crews of seven yachts turned out for briefing at Kip Reception on Saturday 4th.

Rather a grey day with light showers blowing through the Firth on a fairly steady South Westerly breeze of 10 to 14 knots, dictated a beat down to the green channel mark 'L' , just to the north of  the Wemyss Bay ferry terminal, returning via 'O' to the finish.

6 yachts appeared at the start area, with Clyde Calypso dropping out to provide crew for Gryphon. A boisterous start from Breagha was held at bay by the thoroughbred 'Warrior', who crossed first to take an early lead. The outgoing tide helped push the yachts up course with most staying further offshore to reap the benefits. Warrior passed the windward mark first, followed by Breagha, Toledo, and the dogged Mo Bruadhail.

A broad reach back to 'O' was followed by a gybe at the mark to the finish, with Warrior crossing first in an elapsed time of only 50 minutes. Breagha followed with Toledo, Mo Bruadhail and Gryphon compleing the finishers over the next 27 minutes. Unfortunately, Deja Vue retired due to a leaky sea cock keeping the bilge pump busy.

On corrected time the finishing order was:

1  Mo Bruadhail   2  Warrior   3  Breagha   4   Toledo     5   Gryphon     Ret. Deja Vue

An enjoyable sail followed by a social gathering aboard Breagha.

Fairlie Yacht Club is very grateful to Thomas Tunnock Ltd for their generous sponsorship of this race.


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