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Over the coming weeks we will be adding content to this area to help you get the most out of FYC.

As the cruising season is now getting underway, the following report from Ronnie Forrest will be useful to those members heading out West!

Good afternoon from Castlebay,

Solus is currently in Barra and the weather is glorious.

A couple of bits of information that may be useful to members have occurred to us as we travelled.

1/  Tobermory:

The working Chanel in all publications is shown as 12. This has changed to 68.

The harbour master is Robert.

The office is now on the top floor and access is by button 1,  not 2 as shown on the board at the door.

2/  Canna:

The cafe has re opened on 5th May under new owners serving drinks and food. They are keen to have the support of yachters, and to support us in return. Closed Tuesdays.

3/ Castlebay:

The new pontoons have opened and although facilities are not fully functional they are progressing. Power and water are available but not yet at all berths. They hope to have this rectified soon. Shower/toilet block are planned but looks like one for next season or very late this season.

Tony is the best contact on 07931 083856 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yours in sailing Ronnie & Anne Forrest,  'SOLUS'


                                                                                 NOTICE TO MARINERS
                                                                                           No 46/18
                                                                      FIRTH OF CLYDE – GANTOCKS BEACON

                                                                                 Charts 1994 and 1907


Mariners are advised that the light characteristics of the Gantocks Beacon was restored on 21st February 2018 and a renewed programme of maintenance work on the Beacon is being carried out. These works are expected to be completed by 30th April 2018 or thereabouts.  

Mariners are asked to navigate with caution in this area. Estuary Radio may be contacted on VHF 12 or on  0151 949 6651.           

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