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No 53/18
Chart 2381

Mariners are advised that operations to recover the FV NANCY GLENN in Loch Fyne have now been completed. All vessels involved in these operations have now left the area.
The moorings laid for the barge remain in situ and will be removed at a later date. It should be noted that the mooring buoys are unlit.
The TEZ is now reduced in size to a 500m radius from position 55°53.96N 005°22.61W and will remain in force until further notice.
Vessels are prohibited from entering the Exclusion Zone without the express permission of the Secretary of State’s Representative who can be contacted via Belfast Coastguard Operations Centre on 02891-463933.
Mariners operating in the vicinity of the Exclusion Zone should proceed with caution, particularly in hours of darkness.
Estuary Radio may be contacted on VHF 12 or on  0151 949 6651.

                                                                        NOTICE TO MARINERS
                                                                                   No 48/18
                                            LOCH FYNE – FV NANCY GLENN MARINE OPERATIONS
Chart 2381

Mariners are advised that work is ongoing on the site of the FV NANCY GLENN in Loch Fyne.
The SEVERN SEA continues to operate within the SoSREP TEZ. A barge BD6072 is due to arrive onsite on or around 24th March. The TEZ will be increased in size at that time to a 500m radius. The mooring arrangement for the barge will include marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights.
It is anticipated that works will conclude on or around 5th-6th April 2018.


                                                                                 NOTICE TO MARINERS
                                                                                           No 46/18
                                                                      FIRTH OF CLYDE – GANTOCKS BEACON

                                                                                 Charts 1994 and 1907


Mariners are advised that the light characteristics of the Gantocks Beacon was restored on 21st February 2018 and a renewed programme of maintenance work on the Beacon is being carried out. These works are expected to be completed by 30th April 2018 or thereabouts.  

Mariners are asked to navigate with caution in this area. Estuary Radio may be contacted on VHF 12 or on  0151 949 6651.           

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