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Fairlie Yacht Club has grown from its early beginnings in a home in Fairlie to one of the premier yacht clubs in Scotland.

In 2011 we celebrated our Golden Jubilee and find ourselves with a strong membership base enjoying an excellent programme of musters, social events and a highly successful racing programme for those with a competitive streak.

We are continually innovating and keeping the interests of our members as our main focus while encouraging the continuing development of the Club profile in Scottish yachting circles and further afield.

New members and existing members alike will find an activity to suit them at sometime over the year. Whether it is a serious race, a social muster or an off-season activity you will always be welcome.
Please browse our site to see what is on offer and call any committee member or Flag Officer if you need assistance or have any suggestions or comments to assist the further development of our welcoming, informal approach to our sport.

The news is published on the web, by e-mail, or by post together with notice boards at Largs Yacht Haven and Kip Marina.

We can assist with moorings, berthing, training and sailing support. If you need an experienced member to join you for a day or evening to provide a view on any aspect of your yachting needs please contact the committee and we shall endeavour to match someone to your needs. If you are not sure who can help or what to do - please ask.

Good sailing to all!

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Fairlie Yacht Club offers its members a comprehensive programme of racing, cruising, and social events throughout the year. The Club is a non-profit organisation run by enthusiastic volunteers, which keeps our subscription rates and race fees at a modest level. Whether you are a boat owner or crew member, you can expect a warm welcome to the Club. Contact details are available on this website. Come along and give us a try!

VHF Channel changes coming soon 

July 25, 2017

VHF Channel changes from 6 September 2017.

The VHF channels HM Coastguard uses to broadcast Maritime Safety Information (MSI) and conduct radio medical advice are changing.

From mid-morning on Wednesday 6 September 2017 the Coastguard will no longer broadcast on VHF 23, 84 and 86.

It will instead use VHF 62, 63 and 64. The use of VHF Channel 10 for MSI and pollution control (back up) is unchanged.

It will also be possible to consult information in advance on which aerial will broadcast on which channel. Final testing of the new regime is currently being completed, but the information detailing which aerial will broadcast on which channel will be published at www.rya.org.uk/go/msi-channels as soon as it is released by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency which is expected to be early/mid- August. 

If you’re out on the water and don’t know which channel to listen to, MSI broadcasts will continue to be announced by the Coastguard on Channel 16. This announcement enables the mariner to establish which channel to monitor to receive the broadcast.

Following feedback from members that they have had problems receiving the Coastguard’s MSI transmissions, the RYA met with the Coastguard to discuss the issues. As a result of that meeting, the RYA will be gathering data on issues with MSI broadcasts and an online reporting form has been developed. 

By collecting the information through this form we can ensure that reports include all the information the Coastguard needs to look into future issues. 

MSI VHF Feedback Form

If you have experienced problems receiving the UK Coastguard MSI VHF weather broadcast, please use this new online form to report your experiences to the RYA. The form is available on the RYA website at www.rya.org.uk/go/msi-vhf-feedback

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