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Fairlie Yacht Club has a very active racing community. We are very keen to encourage more members to take up racing with initiatives like the restricted sail class to ease the learning curve - give it a try!

You will need to make sure you have insurance for racing risks, a sail number, and a CYCA handicap.

Midweek Racing takes place on Tuesday evenings at Fairlie/Largs, and Wednesday evenings at Kip. There are usually six weekend Musters, with seven associated Passage Races plus two other stand alone races.

There is a £50 race fee for the three midweek points series at Fairlie. This Fee also includes Passage Races, the Autumn Points Series, and a second copy of the Yearbook
Kip midweek racing will be in Pursuit Race format in 2022, with Restricted sail and Spinnaker Classes available this year, and will be free to members. Non members are welcome to participate, subject to a £10 per series entry fee. This fee will be offset against Membership Subscription if subsequently joining the Club.

A fee of £25 is payable for participation in Passage Races only in 2022. This will include a second Yearbook copy.

If you are interested in taking part in a specific race series at Fairlie, Kip or one of our Passage Races you can use the tab menu system below to download PDFs of all the information you need to participate:

CLYDEPORT       for Notices to Mariners and other useful information on local rules.

We are currently working on the 2022 events. Links will become available as soon as possible.













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